Convention relative aux garanties internationales portant sur des matériels d’équipement mobiles et son Protocole portant sur les questions spécifiques aux matériels d’équipement aéronautiques, faits au Cap, le 16 novembre 2001 - Retrait de déclarations par l’Égypte.

Il résulte d’une notification de l’Institut international pour l’unification du droit privé (UNIDROIT) qu’en date du 7 novembre 2019, l’Égypte a retiré les déclarations subséquentes faites en vertu de la convention et du protocole aéronautique désignés ci-dessus. En vertu de l’article 57(2) de la convention et de l’article XXXIII(2) du protocole aéronautique, ces déclarations subséquentes prendront effet le 1er juin 2020.

Retrait de déclarations :

Déclaration spécifique en vertu de l’article 39(1)(a) de la convention

Egypt [Official translation; original version submitted in Arabic]

The Arab Republic of Egypt shall declare that the arrangement of the rights and privileges on the airplane in the Arab Republic of Egypt shall be as the following arrangements.

The following rights shall have a privilege on the airplane in accordance with the Egyptian Law No. 26 of 1976, Second Section of the Second Chapter, and we shall be received from its price pursuant to its rank set forth in this section:

The expenses spent for the benefit of all the creditors upon the execution on the plane, and selling it and distributing its price. 2. The debts related to bonuses payable to rescue the plane, and the extraordinary expenses required to the preservation thereof. 3. The indemnifications due on the damages caused to others by the aircraft on the surface of the earth, whether this damage resulted from the aircraft itself, or by falling a person or anything from it, unless the aircraft’s owner or the exploiter thereof has insured such damages for the benefit of the injurers, and the insurance shall cover the value of the due indemnifications in this case, or a percentage of (20%) of the aircraft value when it is still new, or any of the two values whichever is less. 4. The debts which became due on the last trip of the aircraft, or about to do it prior to its forcing sale in accordance with the provisions of the second section of the first chapter of this law as a result to repairing, or maintenance, or reception, or driving away thereof, or supplying it with the necessary fuel, oil, or the food and consumption materials required by the passengers or the crew thereof.

The privilege rank of all these rights shall be defined in accordance with the order of its stipulation in the previous paragraph.

Déclaration en vertu de l’article 54(2) de la convention

Egypt [Official translation; original version submitted in Arabic]

In accordance with Article 54(2), the Arab Republic of Egypt declares that the creditor may use any of the remedies available under any provision of this Convention only pursuant to a decision by the court, if there was no explicit text requiring application to the court.