Convention relative aux garanties internationales portant sur des matériels d’équipement mobiles et son Protocole portant sur les questions spécifiques aux matériels d’équipement aéronautiques, faits au Cap, le 16 novembre 2001 - Adhésion et déclarations par l’Argentine.

Il résulte d’une notification de l’Institut international pour l’unification du droit privé (UNIDROIT) qu’en date du 10 avril 2018, l’Argentine a adhéré aux actes désignés ci-dessus, avec des déclarations en vertu des articles 39 (1) (a), 39 (1) (b), 39 (4), 53 et 54 (2) de la convention et des articles XIX, XXX (1) et XXX (3) du protocole aéronautique. La convention et le protocole aéronautique entreront en vigueur à l’égard de cet État le 1er août 2018.

Déclarations dans le contexte de la convention

With respect to Article 39, paragraph 1(a) :

All categories of non-consensual right or interest which under the laws of the Argentine Republic have priority over an interest in an object equivalent to that of the holder of a registered interest, shall have priority over a registered international interest, whether in or outside insolvency proceedings.

With respect to Article 39, paragraph 1(b) :

Nothing in the Convention shall affect the right of the Argentine Republic or that of any State entity thereof, any intergovernmental organisation of which the Argentine Republic is a member State, or other private provider of public services in the Argentine Republic to arrest or detain an object under the laws of the State for payment of amounts owed to such entity, organisation or provider directly relating to those services in respect of that object.

With respect to Article 39, paragraph 4 :

A right or interest of a category of transactions covered by the declaration made under Article 39, paragraph 1(a) shall have priority over an international interest registered prior to the date of the instrument of accession.

With respect to Article 53 :

The Argentine Republic declares that all competent courts of the Argentine Republic, as determined in accordance with the laws and regulations of the judicial system of the Argentine Republic, are the relevant courts for the purposes of Article 1(h) and Chapter XII of this Convention.

With respect to Article 54, paragraph 2 :

The Argentine Republic declares that any remedy available to the creditor under any provision of this Convention and the Protocol may be exercised only with leave of the court, except for the remedy provided for in Article XIII of the Protocol, which may be exercised without leave of the court.

Déclarations dans le contexte du protocole aéronautique

With respect to Article XIX :

The National Aircraft Registry (Registro Nacional de Aeronaves) shall be the authorized entry point from which there shall be transmitted - and in the case of aircraft engines may be transmitted -, to the International Registry, all information required for registration other than registration of a notice of a national interest or a right or interest under Article 40, in either case arising under the laws of another State in respect of aircraft, engines and helicopters in accordance with the definition of Article II of the Protocol, registered in the Argentine Republic.

With respect to Article XXX, paragraph 1 :

that it will apply Article VIII in its entirety ;

that it will apply Article XII in its entirety ;

that it will apply Article XIII in its entirety.

With respect to Article XXX, paragraph 3 :

with respect to Article XI that it will apply Alternative “A” in its entirety to all insolvency proceedings, and that the waiting period for the purposes of Article XI, paragraph 3 of this Alternative shall be 30 calendar days.